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Count on the CPA team at CA4IT: Helping you understand Income Tax in Canada

With nearly thirty years of experience in the full-service accounting business, a CPA from CA4IT is well-equipped to handle your business. Our origin and expertise is in helping everyone from IT contractors, to small businesses, to corporations in Canada. We pride ourselves in the wealth of knowledge we’ve developed over the course of our nearly three decade history. Having worked with over 10,000 clients in this time span, in addition to being the only accounting firm at the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB) with ISO status, our reputation and experience speak for itself.

Regardless of your position as either the owner of an Ontario corporation, or an independent contractor, you must pay income tax in Canada. As taxpayers ourselves, we at CA4IT are well aware of the stress and confusion that can accompany preparation for income tax in Canada, and that is precisely why we are here to help! By working side by side with you, and catering to your specific situation and needs, the team at CA4IT can help you get the most out of your income. A highly trained and experienced CPA from our team will provide you with accurate estimates and realities when it comes to preparing to file taxes. We will cater to all of your individual tax preparation needs, and develop lasting relationships built on a foundation of trust, friendliness, and great turnaround come tax season – proving why we have the right experience for all of your Canadian income tax needs. You can also use our online tax calculator to help get you started.

The Benefits of Ontario Incorporation

The Benefits of Ontario Incorporation
If you have questions about the benefits of incorporating in Ontario, look no further than an expert CPA at CA4IT. There are countless reasons why Ontario incorporation may be the best move for you and your business, and CA4IT will teach you everything you need to know about incorporating in Ontario. One of the greatest benefits to Ontario incorporation is that corporations provide personal liability and debt protection to their owners, as they are considered a separate legal entity from the individuals who created it. Further, after incorporating in Ontario, your newly created business has no life span. That is, it is not tied to your life and can go on indefinitely provided the appropriate articles are in place. The ownership of corporations in Canada are most represented by shares, which can be easily given, sold, or transferred to your family members or business partners. Finally, it is often much easier to raise capital with Ontario corporations than with other business models. The limited liability and legal protection of incorporating in Ontario, in addition to easily transferable stock, is very attractive to potential outside revenue sources and will make your business more attractive when trying to appeal to investors. If much of this sounds foreign to you, don’t fret! Our CPAs have thousands of clients and decades worth of experience. Whether you are concerned with articles of incorporation, have generic questions about financing a corporation in Ontario, or are ready to start your business journey CA4IT is here for you!

Questions about Ontario Corporations or Incorporating in Ontario? A skilled CPA can help!

skilled CPA
A lot goes into incorporating in Ontario, and the process can seem daunting to some. Thankfully, with CA4IT, that doesn’t have to be the case. By their very nature, corporations are more complex than partnerships or sole proprietorships, but an experienced CPA will stop at nothing to ensure that every step of the way you understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating. In comparison to other business models, perhaps the most dissimilar aspect of incorporating in Ontario occurs on the financial side of things – precisely where CA4IT has the most expertise.

Whereas partnerships and sole proprietorships can be rather straightforward, the fees, taxes, and stock options when incorporating in Ontario can sometimes seem rather convoluted.  Additionally, corporations are often more expensive to establish than simpler business models and the cost can easily add up if you aren’t careful. Coupled with shared stock options, taxes, and annual fees, incorporating in Ontario is best done with the help of a trusted accounting firm.

With a history dating back to the early 1980s, we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge. Over the past three decades CA4IT has grown into Canada’s largest system of chartered accounting firms, and we have the reputation and experience to show for it. The practiced accountants at CA4IT will be able to assist you with everything from deciphering the articles of incorporation and taking that first step in creating your corporation to the more involved financial advice and structural questions as your corporation develops. Our staff are well versed in this space and we urge you to come to us with all of your questions about incorporating in Ontario.

Tackle the Challenges of Registering a business in Ontario with a CPA from CA4IT

Registering a business in Ontario with a CPA
No matter the type of business you have decided to start, be it corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, you will have to go through the steps of registering a business in Ontario. If you have gotten this far, then you are well aware that starting a business is not an easy task and having experts on hand can be a huge help.

When starting a new business there are countless hoops to jump through. From identifying target markets, establishing your product or service as reliable, and attracting customers, your hands are full. However, you must not forget to legally register your business with the government. This, too, can be a time consuming and tricky task, but a CPA at CA4IT will make it that much easier.  Depending on the type of business, you may need to register it with multiple levels of government, require specific permits and licenses from these governments, and pay a handful of fees.

CA4IT will work side by side with you to make sure everything is ticked off your business registration checklist and that no stones are left unturned. While you are busy developing your product or service and marketing to your growing customer base, CA4IT will be working around the clock to make sure your business is registered appropriately. Having years of experience with this process, we aim to save you immeasurable time, money, and stress – allowing you to focus all of your energy on your thriving business.

From Incorporating in Ontario to your most Basic Accounting Needs, CA41T is here to serve

With nearly three decades of experience, CA4IT aims to transfer that experience to your business. From offering a tax calculator on our site, to tackling your larger questions about incorporating and business registration in Canada, we are here for you. In addition to being experts on finances and accounting, our staff refuses to compromise their quality customer service. We realize the unique differences between each of our clients and work hard to ensure that you receive the specialized attention and focus you deserve.

While professionally trained in accounting and financial services, all of our staff are also dedicated to building strong, lasting relationships. Rather than crunching numbers behind the scenes, the CPA team at CA4IT works with you to guarantee that we will meet all of your needs.  We take the time to get to know you as a customer, and a person, to best cater to your accounting needs. It’s our ultimate goal to help your business reach its full potential and continue operating at a high level for years to come. To do so, it takes more than just financial management. Through our history we have discovered that meaningful customer relationships come first and, with that, great things will follow. Call us today with any questions you might have.

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