We Aren’t Your Father’s Accountant


The demands on your time are plenty on the best days and endless on the worst. Trading voicemails and emails with your accountant for a straightforward answer to a simple question shouldn’t be among them. And when you employ our small business accounting services, they won’t be.

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The latest-upgrade Alfresco is the basis of our new Client Zone, our secure online client interface. It provides you with immediate access to your financial statements, as well as total file sharing, complete with easy-to-comprehend identifiers that allow you to see who’s working on a particular document and the ability to upload files of any size from any device. And it’s all sitting right there in front of you, on your dashboard. Tend to it when it suits you—a lull between meetings, during a meeting (when you’re pretending to listen), from your sofa, feet up.

Should an issue arise that’s beyond your realm, say a crucial missing bit of information that could impact your cross boarder tax planning, invite an employee with said knowledge to collaborate through Alfresco with a simple click. From searching for documents to executing strategies, Alfresco’s intuitive and surprisingly familiar, because it utilizes applications that are already part of your everyday workflow.

This is how modern-day accounting services for small businesses should function: on-demand, easily accessed, user-friendly, versatile and secure. If yours are falling short in any of these regards, contact CA4IT Accounting for a free consultation at 1-800-465-7532.