In the hustle and bustle of the summer months, many independent contractors find that managing their businesses becomes even more difficult. Both work and home life seem filled with commitments, and it can be easy for important information to slip through the cracks. The CA4IT member firms know just how damaging missing financial information can be, especially come tax time. That’s why we encourage our new clients to utilize professional bookkeeping services. When you have partner helping manage your financial operations, you will never have to worry that you missed something vital for your business’s fiscal health.

Professional Bookkeeping Helps You Avoid Common Mistakes

Our firms know that independent contractors are always on the lookout for cost savings, but investing in • professional bookkeeping servicesaccounting and bookkeeping services brings invaluable benefits. We help our clients maintain their business’s finances so that they never have to worry that something is missing or inaccurate. During this busy season, here are some quick tips for avoiding pitfalls in your operations and preserving your goals:

  • Keep up with those receipts. We know that many independent contractors are often on the go, and it can be easy for paperwork to get lost in the shuffle. Even when you’re busy, make a concerted effort to store receipts in one place, or use mobile bookkeeping utilities to capture expenses in real time.
  • Have a plan in place with your bookkeeper to notify you if invoices go past your payment terms. When you’re being pulled in so many directions, you may forget about that overdue invoice, giving you a false impression of your current cash flow. You always want to know the money you have on hand, and what should be upcoming for your planning purposes.
  • Think ahead towards the end of the year. Is your current financial picture on track for your goals? Mid-year is a good time for a quick check-up of to ensure that your operations are proceeding as planned. Your bookkeeper can ensure you have an instant view of how you’re doing.

Our CA4IT firms want our clients to make the most of our bookkeeping services for small businesses. Don’t let this busy summertime derail your financial outlook. With help from our member firms, you can feel confident that someone is watching your back and keeping your accounting in picture-perfect order.