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Sole Proprietor

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CPP Employee
CPP Employer
EI Employee
EI Employer
Personal Tax

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Incorporated Entity

Total Taxes Paid
CPP Employee
CPP Employer
Personal Tax On Salary
Personal Tax on Dividends
Corporate Tax

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This calculator has been developed from a database of Wall & Associates, an ISO 9001 Registered firm of public accountants focusing on the home based business. Readers are cautioned to understand that results are based on past experience and individual results may vary.

we do not advocate the deduction of any expense that was not incurred in an attempt to earn income. If however, the individual can develop a 30 second elevator speech that is targeted at high earning employees who have expenses to deduct, it is possible to repeat your message to the extent that there will be a realistic opportunity to legitimately deduct the ammounts identified in the calculator

Province Hourly Rate

Expenses edit

Corporate Taxable Income

Corporate Income Tax

Retained Earnings (opening)

Number of eligible shareholders

Retained Earnings(closing)

Description Expenses Description Expenses

Automobile Rent/Home Office
Business Promotion Travel
Depreciation Advertising
Consulting Fees Accounting Fees
Office Supplies Telephone
Employee Benefits Professional Fees
Education Computer Supplies
Books & Periodicals General
Insurance Interest
Repairs & Maintenance Bank Charges
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