Start-ups, Let Us Show You the Way


If we’d known then what we know now, life would look very different. This is a (physically) harmless form of torture we all submit ourselves to. Learning curves for any new practice can be steep. But when it’s the early, formative phase of your own business, it can feel like an outright 90-degree angle.Make-It-Happen

Imagine the edge you’d gain if you had someone to show you the way, and not just anyone but someone who endured a lot of the same trials to thrive today. But that doesn’t happen in business, right? It’s every man and woman for himself. Wrong. (Allow this to be our first lesson.)

We were right where you are now a couple of decades ago: a single client, big ambitions and lots of questions. Today, we have over 3,500 of them—clients, not questions—across Canada, most of them small businesses. We say this not to gloat but to demonstrate that we’re well-versed in launching and growing start-ups. In fact, a big part of who we are is nurturing companies like yours. CA4IT makes its small business accountants available for free businesses coaching. We’ll define your goals and outline a series of steps that’ll deliver you to them—without sacrificing your identity.


The core of our coaching is a program that we developed called the Pyramid of Power.


In essence, it’s a three-step strategy that’s crafted around your vision for your company—what exactly you want it to do, how you want it to behave and how you’re defining success. Once we’ve defined your identity, we’ll plot a course from your current marketplace position to where you expect it to be. It may sound simple enough, and it is, but a little outside perspective in this critical moment is often all that’s needed to expose weaknesses and enhance strengths. Then, with a clearer sense of self, the world’s much more easily navigated.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us here. We cater to small businesses of all kinds throughout Canada, but we’re most widely known as accountants for IT project managers and contractors