George Wall, our founder and managing director, began his accounting career working for large corporations such as Imperial Oil and KPMG where he became a controller and management consultant. At some point he realized that small business and IT firms should have access to the same level of accounting service as larger firms but it didn’t seem to be readily available.

George created an accounting firm with just that focus, small business, IT Professionals and other Knowledge Workers. CA4It has been providing excellent accounting services to IT start-ups, Knowledge Workers, IT Professionals, IT Consultants and Project Managers for over 25 years now. Wall and Associates now offers the best in accounting services to over 3500 clients right across the country.

Knowledge Workers, small business and IT firms are often quite isolated from their competition and have difficulty in establishing benchmarks for performance. Working from home or in remote locations leaves them wondering sometimes about efficiency, profit, and levels of service in the rest of the industry. These small firms or individuals need some benchmarks to determine their performance level.

At CA4IT we have amassed a great deal of data on many Canadian small businesses and IT firms. We can take a snapshot of the industry to establish some benchmarks to determine how revenues and expenses compare with others in the same business segment.

Benchmarking is a relatively new business approach but an important one to help small business determine their overall levels of efficiency.

At CA4IT we can help you compare your processes and performance metrics to industry bests or the best practices of other industries. In the act of best practice benchmarking we’ll determine the best firms in the industry and compare their results, revenues and expenses with your own performance. By looking at the data we can attempt to explain why some firms are more successful than others.

Our sophisticated approach to benchmarking also allows us to determine if your firm’s performance is different for valid reasons or not. Because we can draw on so much information from IT Professionals and small business firms similar to your own, we can have a profound understanding of the business sector in which you operate.

Get in touch with CA4IT at 1-800-465-7532. Take advantage of our free business coaching and our ability to use benchmarking to determine how you’re performing compared to others in the same business sector. That one call could make the difference between success and bankruptcy. Your business…is our business!