You’ve been so focused on infrastructure during the weeks leading up to and immediately after starting a business that its branding has fallen by the wayside. That’s understandable, but you won’t want to drag that out for too much longer. Branding is every bit as critical as a sound minutes book and meticulous bookkeeping, even in—especially in—the era of social media dominance. Allow us to explain.

Branding—your logo, specifically—gives you an identity. The public may have no idea what it is you’re about, but you can begin to develop recognition through a clear, easily digestible logo. Think of it as planting a seed. In time, it’ll grow roots in the collective conscience and you can begin to attach more specific concepts to it that’ll foster a deeper awareness. But, in the early going, the goal is simple: Exposure.

A concise brand, and by that we mean one that’s distinct and pointed and carries seamlessly throughout all platforms, from your site to your social media pages to your advertising campaigns, conveys an attention to detail and a thorough understanding of communication. Regardless of your line of work, those are qualities that are likely to immediately enamor potential customers.

Which is why a widely recognized brand conveys the promise of business. In specializing in accounting services for small businesses, we’ve seen firsthand that, for better and worse, so much of commerce is about perception. When your logo’s perceived to be everywhere all the time, your company’s seen to have a certain staying power. It’s often why publicly traded companies are valued much higher than their actual assets. How shocked would you be if Apple declared bankruptcy tomorrow? And yet, what do you really know about its inner-workings?

Branding epitomizes the power of suggestion. And when you have someone’s ear, you control the message.

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